“Law & its boundaries”

19th—20th January 2017 • #eplc17

Programme & Registration

We are excited to welcome you the University of Edinburgh's historic Old College for our fourth annual conference.

This year's theme, Law and its Boundaries, aims to consider the role of legal regulation at a pivotal point in our history when it seems that many legal, political, and technological boundaries are coming under unprecedented strain.

Two-day conference tickets are free. Optional conference dinner tickets are £20.

Keynote speaker

Professor Sionaidh Douglas-Scott

Professor Sionaidh Douglas-Scott
Queen Mary, University of London
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Professor Douglas-Scott holds the Anniversary Chair in Law at Queen Mary and is co-director of the Centre for Law and Society in a Global Context. Before Queen Mary she was for many years Professor of European and Human Rights Law at the University of Oxford, and before that Professor of Law at King's College, London. She has held visiting posts and delivered lectures at various institutions in Europe and the US, including Georgetown Law School, Columbia University and the University of Bonn, where she was visiting Jean Monnet Professor. She is currently a special adviser to the European and External Relations Committee of the Scottish Parliament.

Professor Douglas-Scott was born and educated in Edinburgh. She studied philosophy, art history and aesthetics before taking a degree in law. She works primarily in the elds of constitutional law, EU public law, human rights and legal and social theory, and is particularly interested in questions of justice and human rights in Europe, and has published widely in these elds, including the monograph Constitutional Law of the European Union.

She is also interested in sub-state independence movements in Europe and has been an active commentator on the Scottish and Catalan independence movements in the media, as well as giving expert evidence to the Westminster and Scottish Parliaments on further Scottish devolution. She is a member of the University of Edinburgh's Centre on Constitutional Change.

Conference streams

Thursday 19th January

Playfair Library Elder Room Raeburn Room
08:30-09:00 Registration and coffee
09:00-09:30 Welcome address: Prof. Richard Sparks, Head of Edinburgh Law School
09:30-11:30 Legal History International law Commercial law
11:30-12:00 Coffee
12:00-12:30 Pre-lunch plenary session sponsored by Hart Publishing
12:30-13:45 Lunch session: Enhancing your research impact through social media*
13:45-15:45 Legal Theory IT/IP law Criminal law
15:45-16:00 Coffee
16:00-17:00 Keynote address: Prof. Sionaidh Douglas-Scott, QMUL
18:00 Conference dinner (Ciao Roma, 64 South Bridge, Edinburgh)

* Sponsored by the University of Edinburgh Global Justice Academy, and the University of Edinburgh Global Development Academy

Friday 20th January

Playfair Library Elder Room
09:00-09:30 Arrival
09:30-11:30 Human Rights EU law
11:30-12:00 Coffee
12:00-14:00 Health and Family law Legal History 2
14:00 Conference close

Legal History 1Playfair Library · Thursday 9.30

Sponsored by the Centre for Legal History

Graeme Cunningham

Law, Rhetoric and Science: Historical Narratives in Roman Law

Franziska Arnold-Dwyer

A historical perspective on the doctrine of insurable interest

Ciarán Crowley

The Ghost of the Committee of Evil Literature Lives On

Aengus Fallon

Continuity and Innovation: In uences on the Drafting of Key Legislation of the Irish Free State (1922-1924)

International LawElder Room· Thursday 09:30

Sponsored by the Scottish Centre for International Law

Kleoniki Pouikli

Environmental law without boundaries: global risk, global harm, global regulation

Emma Allen

Climate Change and Disappearing Island States: Statehood and Sovereignty at the Boundaries of International Law

Sondre Torp Helmersen

The use of subsidiarity means in international law: the limits of regulation

Snjólaug Árnadóttir

Environmental Boundaries and their Effect on Maritime Boundary Delimitation

Commercial LawRaeburn Room· Thursday 09:30


Kerry Usher

Cross-Border Bank Insolvency Post- Brexit: Establishing the Boundaries and implementing Regulatory Structure

Valentina Dimitriou

Arbitrators Gone Wild? The impact of arbitrator appointment mechanisms on the substantive development of the law

Constance Nicolosi

Blurring the lines between public, private, and international law: international investment at a crossroads

Longjie Lu

Stop Shareholder "Say on Pay" in the Banking Sector

Legal TheoryPlayfair Library· Thursday 13:45

Sponsored by the Edinburgh Centre for Legal Theory

Daniel Gough

Coercive Violence and Westphalian Sovereignty: Positioning the Rise of Private Military and Security Contractors (PMSCs)

Maciej Troc

Natural law as a supraconstitutional limitation of constitutional amendments

Gail Lythgoe

Boundaried Thinking about Boundaries and Territory in International Law

Mat Campbell

The irreducible core of subsidiarity

IT/IP LawElder Room· Thursday 13:45

Tina Davey

Death: the Law's Ultimate Boundary? Until death us do part: post mortem privacy for the ante mortem person

Allison Holmes

Digital Interventionism: Can A.I. Supplant the State in Human Rights Protection?

Joanna Banasiuk

Freedom of panorama as a contemporary challenge to copyright law

Pinar Oruc

Cultural Heritage and 3D Technology: Some of the Legal Issues

Criminal LawRaeburn Room · Thursday 13:45

Karen Richmond

Streamlined Forensic Reporting and Legal Autopoiesis

Corsino San Miguel

The dysfunction of the criminal law

Choky Ramadhan

Reforming Indonesian Rape Law: Adopting U.S. Rape Shield Law in Excluding Prejudicial Evidence

Ros Setterfield

Regulating "Revenge Porn" in England and Wales: What Can (and Should) the Law do in Response?

Human RightsPlayfair Library· Friday 09:30


Erin Ferguson

Freedom of Information and the Boundaries of Public Law

Ahmed Salahaldee Balto

Re-Considering the Universal Human Rights Theory: Examining the Impact between International Human Rights Law and Islamic Law

Carola Lingaas

In the Eyes of the Perpetrator: Pushing the Boundaries of the Crime of Genocide

Carly Krakow

Iternational Law and Water Politics: A Necessary Dialogue to Protect the Human Right to Water

European Union LawElder Room · Friday 09:30

Sponsored by the Edinburgh Europa Institute

Maria Haag

At the Boundaries of Union Citizenship: Ultimate Responsibility of the Home Member State for the Union Citizen

Samantha Williams

Tracking austerity-based "crisis law" before the European Court of Human Rights

Luigi Pedreschi

Balancing efficacy with space: public services in EU trade

Katy Sowery

The judicial approach to balancing primary sources of EU law: the tension between primacy and legal certainty

Health and Family LawPlayfair Library· Friday 12:00


Sally Phillips

Shaken Baby Syndrome Science and the Judicial Response: Limits and Obligations of the Law

Nataly Papadopoulou

Terminal illness as a determinant for assisted dying eligibility

Donna McNamara

Suspects with Disabilities and Policing: Lessons from the U.S

Annie Sorbie

The Public Interest: A Contested Concept

Legal History 2Elder Room · Friday 12:00

Sponsored by the Centre for Legal History

Keith Ruiter

Living Beyond the Law: Some Semantic and Conceptual Considerations of Outlawry in Medieval Scandinavia

Alexandre Belle

The boundaries of enforcement: a history of sovereign debt

Eric Loefflad

A Swiss Jurist on the American Frontier: Republican Expansionism, Settler Revolt, and the Usages for Emer de Vattel's The Law of Nations

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